New Photos of Maketoys MM-02 SP Add-On Kit – MTMTE Cyclonus

Maketoys have shared new photos of the SP add-on kit for their MM-02 Rear End figure, which gives the Universe Cyclonus mould new parts based on the character’s look in IDW’s More than Meets the Eye.

Originally designed by E. J. Su back in 2008, IDW Cyclonus’s samurai stylings and skeletal face have long made for a fan-favorite design, and his popularity has only been amplified by his starring role in the current More than Meets the Eye comic. The SP add-on kit, intended as a companion piece to Maketoys’ “Read End” Tailgate figure, takes inspiration from More than Meets the Eye, and is a set of new parts for the Universe Cyclonus figure. Included are a new head, hip-skirts, articulated hands, a sword, and a back-mounted sword holder. Whilst the parts will fit any version of the figure, they are shown here with, and color-matched to, the Reveal the Shield two-pack release.

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