Marisa Tomei to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Sure to make George Costanza excited for the new Spider-Man films, rumor has it Marisa Tomei could be our youngest Aunt May yet.
While Tomei, 50, hasn’t been confirmed for the role yet, those ever-nebulous “inside sources” hold that she was offered the part last week. From Variety:

While insiders could not say where things stood in the deal-making process, they said an offer was made late last week for the Oscar-winning actress to join Tom Holland, who was recently tapped to play the webslinging superhero.

The official word from Marvel and Sony so far is “no comment,” but we want to hear your thoughts. Sound off HERE in our ongoing Spider-Man discussion the Forum of Solitude, the Allspark’s home for all things comic. Don’t have an Allspark account? Click Here to make one!



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