KO Masterpiece Exhaust Arriving

It’s no surprise the workers in China wasted no time knocking off the next installment in the Masterpiece car line. We have first pictures and impressions of Not-Exhaust aka “Abandon”.

First off, the box does indeed have the “Takasa Tony” branding in the upper right corner which thankfully makes boxed versions easy to identify. Besides that, the bottom of the box is missing the “Lancia Official Product” sticker and barcode when compared to official MP Wheeljack (and presumably real Exhaust). As a side note, loose examples of the KO Lancia can be noted by the name “Tony” on the back/underside of the left leg as well.

Obviously he comes in alt-mode. He pegs together solidly and well – as well as MP Wheeljack. Transformation also feels solid and nothing feels flimsy or weak.

The biggest interest may center around his alt-mode paint job: it looks like even the KO artists weren’t willing to risk the wrath of PM as he has the adapted deco of the official release. The red is a bit light and a little orange compared to what I would expect for “Marlborough Red”; he’s not as deep red as Sideswipe.
He includes the same accessories as Exhaust.

Here’s hoping the availability of a cheap alternative will bring down the prices on the official version!

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