IDW July RI Covers – Pan Cybertronian Spaceways

IDW Publishing’s Tumblr blog has shared a look at all three of July’s themed ‘retailer incentive’ covers for More than Meets the EyeThe Transformers, and Windblade.

The three covers, produced by artist James Biggie, are designed in the style of retro travel posters, boasting of the destinations covered by Pan Cybertronian Spaceways, “the galaxy’s most experienced faster than light spaceline.”
More than Meets the Eye features Unicron’s severed head, a key location from season 3 of the Generation 1 cartoon, Windblade puts the spotlight on Caminus, the titular Cityspeaker’s home planet, and The Transformers features the Arvassian Range on Nebulos, a location from the classic Marvel Comics Headmasters mini-series.

The Transformers #43 is out today, whilst Windblade #5 and More than Meets the Eye #43 will be released next week.