EZ Collection Gift Campaign Figures for July

TakaraTomy have announced on their website the limited edition EZ Collection gift campaign figures for July, available at various Japanese retail chains.
First up, is Toys R Us Prime, a redeco of Robots in Disguise Legion Optimus Prime inspired by the store’s Geoffrey Giraffe mascot. Toys R Us Prime will be available at (believe it or not) Toys R Us stores.
Meanwhile, the clear Legion characters are continued with Grimlock Clear Version, available at EDION and Bic Camera, and Sideswipe Clear Version, available at Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza, White Peony in Ishinomaki, Yamada Denki, and Yodobashi Camera.
As per usual, these release are all given with the purchase of 3000JPY of Adventure product. Western fans will likely see the exclusives available from resellers after they are released in mid-July.