Dr. Wu Devastator Upgrade With Complete New Mixmaster!!

Dr. Wu took to our friends at Weibo.com to show off his upgrade set for Combiner Wars Devastator. While some other companies have offered upgrade sets that include parts to upgrade Mixmaster, this is the first attempt from any of them to replace him completely with a total new mold.
Keeping in mind that the images are CG rendering, the design is very G1 inspired in both vehicle and robot mode and attempts to make Devastator’s leg look more G1 accurate than the Hasbro/Takara release.
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  • Because the other figures seem to be good enough, whereas Mixmaster's indirectly positioned drum isn't. There are already existing (and very expensive) third party Devastator figures out there, so making must one figure as an add-on is cheaper for the customer, considering that the official Devastator is 200 Dollars, tops.

  • Why not just puke a new whole Devastator in the same style…? It's easier…