Concept Art Bonanza Day Continues! Floro Dery Shows TFTM Designs

First Andrew Wildman, then Sara Pitre-Durocher, then Jose Lopez, and now Floro Dery!  In the last 24 hours we’ve had a bunch of stories about artists sharing various concepts/stages of design for Transformers characters, so it’s been a fun day!  Now we have a few new pieces on Floro Dery’s Etsy shop showing previously unseen designs from Transformers: The Movie, including a Quintesson Castle and Ariel (Elita).  Read on to see these pics, links to the Etsy page and to join in our ongoing thread where previous Floro Dery releases have been shared and discussed.
Discuss in our ongoing thread here.
Quintesson Castle ($150, signed, on Etsy)
Ariel (Elita) ($150, signed, on Etsy)