Combiner Wars Deluxe Dragstrip Gallery and Review

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe DragstripThis review is part our series of reviews for the Combiner Wars wave 1 figures. This review is brought to you by Entertainment Earth and you can pick up the subject of today’s review and thousands of others at where you can bring Hollywood Home.
Released as part of the Wave 1 Combiner Wars series earlier this year Dragstrip was the first of the limbs used to form the mighty Menasor of the Stunticons. Included with the figure is the weapon and the multi-function combiner part that can be used as a hand or foot in combiner mode and as a weapon in single bot or vehicle mode.
As the weapons go, Dragstrip’s gun sword is actually pretty lacking. As a sword it works okay but as a gun it’s really awkward due to the strange angle the handle is placed at. It doesn’t look particularly good in robot mode and in vehicle mode it’s essentially useless due to the ridiculous angle at which it sticks out from the side when trying to mount it as a weapon.
The limb component, like all deluxe combiner limbs, is a mixed bag. It does three things which makes it versatile but it doesn’t really do any of them particularly well. The hand mode is hindered by the knuckle mounted weapons, as feet they are rather small and don’t really provide a solid base for the giant robot (especially if your Motormaster or Optimus Prime leg joints become loose) and as a hand held weapon it is overly bulky and kind of silly looking. There are of course, third party add-ons you can buy to rectify this, but those will be reviewed separately.
The toy itself is quite beefy for a modern deluxe and is a breeze to transform into its various modes. It does a good job of capturing the aesthetic of the original G1 combiners while making full use of today’s modern tech in regards to articulation and posability.
Some fans have complained that he’s not using his original 6 wheel race car design but that’s really subjective. Like all the newer toys his alt mode is meant to represent a generalized version of a modern day version of the vehicle.
Also, such an iconic look, while awesome for Dragstrip, would somewhat hinder the ability to use this mold for additional characters (such as Mirage). Combiner Wars has made heavy use of retooling these molds for distinct characters and while there are many differences between them they can’t deviate too far from a basic core to work from.
As far as whether or not you should pick this up or not — that’s probably best left up to you. The combiners are somewhat of an all-or-nothing venture. If you want Menasor (which is comprised from Wave 2 components, mostly) you’re going to want to pick this up to complete the set. It’s certainly practical from a play pattern standpoint to take advantage of the modular combining of characters (That is to say you can use any deluxe from any team as any limb for any combiner) from a collector standpoint you don’t really want to be without one of the core team members. Especially if you’re a G1 purist.
But take a look at the gallery below and decide for yourself. Thanks again to Entertainment Earth for sponsoring this review.