Clash Of The Transformers Sideswipe Gallery

With the Clash of the Transformers sub-line reaching significant distribution overseas and in Canada, we thought we’d sit down and spend some time with one of the more visually interesting of these Robots In Disguise repaints: Warrior-Class Sideswipe. Read on for the details.

Trading his reds-and-blacks for silver-cyan-and-er-red-and-black, the rebellious Autobot winds up with a more distinctive, punk rock sort of feel.
Vehicle mode winds up and interesting breakdown of color. One can’t help but think of Jazz given the central hood stripe, but he does a reasonable job of drawing on other elements to avoid being a direct homage.
Based on the packaging, it looks like he’s lost some paint apps along the way, perhaps most notable the Autobot symbol on his chest.

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