Bluestreak Coming to Angry Birds Transformers Game

The Angry Birds Twitter account announced that the Angry Birds Transformers game will soon feature Bluestreak!  I’ve used an exclamation point there because I’m trying to be a good sport, but I personally just really don’t understand this product.  Maybe that it’s such a crazy mishmash of ideas is wherein lies the charm?  Like I guess that there’s three Bluestreaks because there’s an Angry Birds character called “The Blues” that’s a set of three birds?  That’s a thing I just looked up, and thus learned Angry Birds has “characters.”  Who knew?  Probably everyone but me.  So Bluestreak’s going to show up in a very clever overlap with the Angry Birds world, but it wasn’t announced when.  Read on to see the announcement, discuss in our forum, and to deride me for my utter cluelessness regarding avian agitation.
Discuss in our forum thread here, with thanks to Confuzor for noting this update!