Best Of Botcon: Reflecting On GI Joe/Transformers Shared Exclusives

Sitting in the Transformers Collector’s Club panel at BotCon, I got to have a close look at Fun Publications’ upcoming Club Store offering: the GI Joe/Transformers shared exclusives.  This crossover line represents a further attempt by the company who runs both the Transformers and GI Joe Collector Clubs to offer a package set designed to appeal to both fandoms.
The offerings we already had prior knowledge of before the convention were Marissa Faireborn with Afterburner (a non-transforming motorcycle painted to look like the Technobot bike) and Old Snake with his Advanced Stealth Bat soldiers.

The B.A.T soldiers are a repaint of Prime Soundwave, but the mold works extremely well with the animation colors and look of the original B.A.T. from the 80’s cartoon:Bat-soldier
Old Snake and Marissa also match up well with their 80’s animation as the human characters of the sets:OnlyHumanOldSnake5
The other characters newly revealed at BotCon reach into another Season 3 episode, Only Human, which gave us Arcee and Rodimus as human characters.
Now Fun Publication gives them to us as human figures as well!

These two have no transforming partners or non-transforming vehicles, just the characters the,selves to carry the set.
In my opinion, Old Snake and Marissa are sure fire wins for Fun Pub as far as Transformers fans are concerned.  The verdict is still out on how fans will react to non-transforming crossover characters such as Rodimus and Arcee, but the attempt to bring us something different and unique is very appealing to me as well as a lot of fans.  If these crossover items sell well, we can expect to see more items like these in the future. Ultra Magnus and Springer fm the same episode must surely be on the short list.
So what do you think? Will Fun Pub manage draw maximum sales from both fandoms, or does the combination of franchises just dilute the desire from each individual set of fans?
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