USA Today Reveals All-Female Combiner Victorion

Being a slightly more (ahem) mainstream news outlet, USA Today has the scoop on the upcoming all-female Victorion combiner character to appear in IDW’s Transformers Combiner Hunters one-shot comic. All-female writer Mairghread Scott sat down with USA Today to go in depth about the reveal, and the circumstances of Victorion’s arrival onto the scene. 

“I don’t like to give my characters a lot of breathing room, so Victorion comes into existence about a half-second before a sword flies at her head,” she says.
“Naturally, her first concern when it comes to other Transformers is not being killed by them. But IDW Transformers has always been interested in how people navigate a world of shifting alliances, imperfect heroes, and charismatic villains.”

Some other interesting details to note are Victorion’s abilities in comparison to the typical combiners as they’ve been portrayed in fiction.
Victorion IDW

The team’s alternate vehicular forms include two race cars, a pair of helicopters, a motorcycle and a rescue truck. And Victorion also differs from other Combiners not only because she’s female but she can manipulate gravity and has the ability to combine in different configurations. If the copter twins form her legs, she can fly, and when they make up her arms, Victorion can use her gravity powers as a weapon.
The massive lady robot has a big role to play in “Conquerers,” the next story line that kicks off in IDW’s Transformers series written by Transformers editor John Barber and drawn by Combiner Hunters artist Sara Pitre-Durocher.

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Victorion IDW