Toy Soldiers: War Chest Pits MOTU, G.I. Joe, and Your Favorite Toy Genres Against One Another

Movies like the Toy Story trilogy have shown us what it would be like if our favorite childhood toys came to life when we weren’t looking… But what if those toys were a little more aggressive than the lovable characters depicted in the Disney/Pixar world? A new video game from Ubisoft explores just that notion with a toy room filled with different toy boxes – from scaled historic military figures, to fairy princess dolls, to sci-fi military action figures… and even He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe! Toy Soldiers: War Chest lets you defend your toy box from your plastic enemies, or mount attacks and take over the toy room!
And if He-Man and G.I. Joe weren’t enough, there are also two more licensed brands yet to be revealed!
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