Tokyo Toy Show Display Photos – Masterpiece, Legends & More

Tokyo Toy Show is underway, and courtesy of the Dengeki Hobby and AmiAmi blogs, Weibo user Transformers and Twipple user Gadepon we have a look at various upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers products.

First up is the first look at the upcoming Legends female villains in color. Also on display were the previously revealed LG-EX Armada Megatron and Black Convoy figures, which are exclusive to the show. LG14 Ultra Magnus, meanwhile, was simply represented with a placeholder Hasbro Ultra Magnus.

Unite Warriors
The first three Unite Warriors releases – Superion, Menasor, and Guardian (Defensor) – were all on display, with Guardian in his finalised colors, recently seen in new stock photos.

From the Masterpiece line, on display were a grey prototype of MP-25 Tracks, plus full-color versions of MP-26 Road Rage and MP-21G G2 Bumble.

In an unexpected return for the Revenge (of the Fallen) toyline, we have Nightmare Megatron, a TakaraTomy Mall-exclusive redeco of the line’s Leader Class Megatron with purple and gold highlights. Further stock photos can be found on the figure’s Mall listing.

Also on display are the July products for the Adventure line, Takara’s version of Robots in Disguise. First up is TAV21 Optimus Prime, a brand new large mold with electronics and a full range of articulation. The figure also includes several accessories, based on various weapons from the cartoon.

Also due out next month are TAV22 Sideswipe and TAV23 Jazz, seen here in their finalised decoes for the first time. Both seem to feature differences from their Hasbro counterparts.

Finally on the Transformers front, we have a new look at some upcoming Q-Transformers product, including QTC-01 Hello Kitty crossover figure, and the show-accurate QT-23, -24, and -25 figures of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Lockdown.

A final product reveal that, whilst not a Transformer, may still be of interest to fans is a new figure of the Diaclone Dia Battles toy, displayed as a grey prototype.

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