Titan Wars is Coming!

Thanks again to Allspark member Walky on Tumblr, we have images of the Hasbro booth backdrop at BotCon. What makes this interesting is that it appears to feature art of upcoming Generations toys for a line titled Titan Wars!

The art depicts a shuttle-like figure with what appears to be an Optimus Prime Headmaster partner, a Headmaster Blaster who transforms into both a boombox and what appears to be a music stage, and, most impressively, a Titan Class Fortress Maximus, complete with Cerebros and Spike Witwicky! Note the Fort Max seems to have Titan Class Metroplex’s forearms – a retool perhaps?
Stay tuned to the Allspark for more BotCon news all this weekend. You can dicuss these images in the BotCon super thread and keep track of all our coverage with the BotCon news index.