The Botcon 2015 Super Post!

Ahoy Botcon fans! For those of us who were unable to make it this year, The Allspark is bringing Botcon to you! Just keep your sensors tuned into this post where we will provide a handy index of all the amazing coverage this year. Coverage ranging from pictures, interviews, panel breakdowns and anything else we can bring your way! 


Botcon 2015 Forums Super Thread

News Posts

Official Pics RID Tiny Titans

Official Pics Leader-Class Seekers

Official Pics Future Combiner Wars Legends

Official Pics Sky Reign

Official Pics Optimus Maximus

Official Pics Bruticus

Official Pics RID Toys

Frank Welker Panel

Allspark Interviews Hasbro Design Team

Saturday Hasbro Display Case Part II

Saturday Hasbro Display Case Part I

TCC Round Table Panel

Hasbro Botcon Product Panel Summary – Rescue Force, Bruticus, Mini-cons and Sky-Lynx, Oh My!

Hasbro Product Review LIVE Panel Coverage at Botcon

BotCon 2015 Dealer Room Photos

More Images BotCon 2015 Convention Exclusives on Display

Botcon 2015 Display Case Photos

Hasbro Booth Photo Gallery

Masterpiece Beast Convoy (Tokyo Toy Show)

MP-27 Masterpiece Ironhide Revealed at Tokyo Toy Show! (Tokyo Toy Show)

Titan Wars is Coming!

Birth of the Transformers Panel LIVE Coverage

Club Roundtable Teaser – Mayhem Returns?

Transformers Filmfest Panel LIVE Coverage

Transformers Collectors Club Magazine Panel LIVE Coverage

BotCon Hasbro Display Case – Devastator & SDCC Exclusives

Botcon Exclusive Souvenir Gallery

BotCon 2015 At-Show Exclusives Revealed

Galva Convoy Bio & Tech Specs

First Look at BotCon Souvenirs Via Comic

In Hand Pictures of the Botcon 2015 Boxed Set and More

All BotCon Exclusives Identified

BotCon shows off Custom Class Exclusive Galva-Lio Convoy



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