TakaraTomy Legends Nightbird, Slipstream, and Blackarachnia

Some new listings and photos have surfaced for some upcoming TakaraTomy Legends figures.  The listings, originally provided by BigKid24, reveal retooled versions of Arcee, Windblade, and Animated Blackarachnia as Nightbird, Slipstream, and Beast Wars Blackarachnia.  These listings were shortly followed up with actual prototype photos of each figure, showing that each features a new head, torso, and other parts such as weapons for Nightbird and Slipstream and waist for Nightbird and Blackarachnia.  Are these items TakaraTomy exclusives, as in a recent interview Hisashi Yuki stated that TakaraTomy was looking to take a different direction with their Legends line than Hasbro is with Generations.  Is this another example of a TakaraTomy only development like Unite Warriors Deluxe Groove?

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