“Robots in Disguise” Episodes 15 & 16 English Titles Revealed; Plus, Details for Episodes 22-24

Allsparker Abates, is keeping everyone up to date on the new RiD show once again. This time he is letting everyone know that ToonZone.net has revealed the (english) episode titles for episode 15 & 16 of “Robots in Disguise“. He also posted earlier today that the french details for episodes 22-24 have come out.

Episode 15: “Even Robots have Nightmares” – Air Date: June 27th
Episode 16: “Some Body, Any Body” – Air Date: July 4th
It also appears that episode 13 is “Out of Focus” and that episode 14 is “Sideways

French details for episodes 22-24, playing on June 24 (translations by Google as usual):
#22: Amis jurés (Sworn Friends)
Dinobot Grimlock discovers an escaped prisoner with whom he sympathizes. He helps them flee, but it does not take long to destroy everything and terrorize humans. Our hero will have to join forces to stop it. Denny redecorates a motorhome for Russell who is afraid that his father makes too cheesy decor.
#23: La reine des abeilles (The Queen Bee)
Autobot Sideswipe meets a loner missioned by Primus. The newcomer agrees to team up with the little band of Bumblebee to face a Decepticon that looks very much like a queen bee …
#24 Fantômes et imposteurs (Ghosts and Imposters)
Bumblebee decides to show his team the beauty of planet Earth. He takes them to a ghost town in the Far West. But a Decepticon able to take any form awaits them…
So Windblade confirmed for episode #23?