ReBoot Reboot!

Ready for some news that’s totally alphanumeric? ReBoot will reportedly be returning to TV screens in a new 26-episode series, Reboot: The Guardian Code!
According to The Huffington Post, Corus Entertainment will be airing the series in Canada, with TWC/Dimension Television handling distribution. The much-anticipated reboot of the series will focus on a new cast, taking place well after the events of the original series:

New episodes will pick up on the series’ original concept, “with the help of VERA, the last surviving cyberbeing from the original Guardian Programs.”
Focusing on four teens — Austin, Parker, Grey, and Tamra — viewers will follow these “next-gen Guardians” and their fight to save the world by defending it in cyberspace. “The Internet revolutionized the world, but it also left it vulnerable to attack,” teased a show description.

With no release date or names attached to the project at this point, fans can be forgiven for being skeptical at this point. Past attempts to revive the series have fizzled. Still, Corus Entertainment is a major player in Canadian Media, so there is hope. A teaser image of an as-yet unidentified character was also shown, which we’ve mirrored below.
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An as-yet unidentified character from ReBoot: The Guardian Code.
An as-yet unidentified character from ReBoot: The Guardian Code.