More Images BotCon 2015 Convention Exclusives on Display

Here are some images of the BotCon Exclusives on display. The figures included are as follows:

Generation 2 Souvenir 2-Pack
General Optimus Prime
Sgt. Hound
Transformers Generations Roadbuster as the unreleased G2 General Optimus Prime. Sgt. Hound is another remake of the unreleased G2 toy based on Generations Deluxe Scoop mold with Mini-cons.
Diaclone Souvenir 2-Pack
Burnout – Black Diaclone Skids
Lift-Ticket – Red Diaclone Hoist
Both of these toys are based on the Transformers Generations Deluxe Class figures of the same name.
Waruder Souvenir 4-pack
Waruder Black
Waruder Yellow
Waruder White
Waruder Red

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