Hasbro Booth at BotCon – Titan Wars, Devastator & More

The Allspark’s intrepid reporters have been out having a gander at Hasbro’s booth in the BotCon 2015 dealer room, and have brought us back a look at the various toys and merchandise on display. Read on for the full gallery.

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Combiner Wars – Devastator
First up is mass-retail Combiner Wars, with the main item of interest being Devastator, who’s started to appear in Hasbro Asia regions, and is tantalisingly imminent elsewhere.

San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives – Devastator & Combiner Hunters
Next up we have a look at the HasbroToyShop exclusives due for release at San Diego Comic-Con next month – the special edition Devastator, with chromed parts and a toy-style head, and the Combiner Hunters pack, featuring Arcee, Windblade and Chromia with gigantic new weapons.

Titan Wars
It’s been today’s hot news – here’s a look at the Titan Wars art on display. Plus, courtesy of Seibertron, a look at some Combiner Wars Bruticus artwork.

Robots in Disguise
Of interest on the Robots in Diguise front are the Mini-Cons and Mini-Con Deployers, due out in the US soon.

On display for the Kre-O Transformers line are a variety of Battle Changers, plus the Drift and Blitzwing Triple Changers, along with Custom Kreons and the Kreon Warrior blindbag figures.

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