Germany to get Platinum Edition Transformers

Nevermore reports on some exciting developments for German fans looking to get their hands on Platinum Edition toys.  It’s been announced that a collector-focused incentive program between Hasbro and some German resellers has launched, with the Insecticons 3-pack (€72.90) and the Seeker Squadron 3-pack (€83.90) being made available for preorders.  Preorders are open until July 31, with the toys due to ship in October.  Read on for full details and links to the thread.
Nevermore’s thread in our forums.
Insecticon 3-pack preorder (€72.90 at Bankcroft)
Seeker Squadron 3-pack preorder (€83.90 at Bankcroft)
As Nevermore reports:

Back in May, several German fan sites were invited to Hasbro’s German offices.
One of the key points of that trip was an incentive program to offer collector-oriented figures such as the Platinum Edition G1 reissues through an exclusive collaboration, in strictly made-to-order quantities.
After several delays, the program has now finally been officially launched. Participating are German fan sites and New Transformers Archive, and German wholesaler Obloco, more specifically its subsidiary Bankcroft, thus far only known as a German Nerf online store.
Currently up for preorder are the Insecticons three-pack (72.90) and the Seeker Squadron three-pack (83.90).
Preorders are open until July 31, both sets are scheduled to ship in October.
Other confirmed upcoming releases will be the Autobots Intel Ops set (Blaster & Peceptor) and Trypticon.
The advantages are:
– Domestic shipping
– No additional customs or other import fees
– Experienced fans consult Hasbro beforehand to let them know which items are considered good ideas, and which aren’t. Which means no Year of the Goat figures!
The whole program is currently a test run. Depending on its success, it might get expanded with more items.
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