First Look At Robots In Disguise Five Step Megatronus

Toys R Us Australia have updated their site to bring us our first look at the upcoming 5-Step Megatronus figure. Clocking in at $59.99 AUS, this guy would square off nicely against your Mega 1-Step Optimus Prime. Read on for the details.

Megatronus is a TRU exclusive in Australia. No word yet on whether the same is true globally, but past release patterns make it likely. He’s billed as an upgraded Megatron:
SKN: 93885
Autobots beware, because Megatron is back and he’s a whole lot scarier as Megatronus! This upgraded Decepticon leader has a double-bladed axe in robot mode for hardcore hand-to-hand combat. He converts from robot mode to tank mode in just 5 steps. Your Transformers clashes will never be the same once your Megatronus figure is on the hunt! Ages 6 and up