First Look at BotCon Souvenirs Via Comic

Thanks again to the Allspark’s tireless Powered Convoy, we can bring you a first look at some of BotCon 2015’s souvenir figures, which are yet to go on sale, but star in the convention comic.

First up is the Diaclone 2-pack, which includes Burn Out from the Thrilling 30 Skids mold and Lift-Ticket from the Thrilling 30 Hoist mold. These are based on pre-Transformers Diaclone color schemes.
Next is the Generation 2 2-pack, which includes General Optimus Prime from the Thrilling 30 Roadbuster mold and Sgt. Hound from the Thrilling 30 Autobot Scoop mold. Hound features a new head sculpt, and this pair is based on unreleased Generation 2 Auto Roller redecoes. They aren’t pictured here, but Hound retains the Scoop mold’s two Targetmaster weapons, which are redecoed into Dia and Cline, the pilots for Burn Out and Lift-Ticket respectively.
Finally is the Waruder 4-pack, which includes four redecoes of the Thrilling 30 Waspinator mold. These figures draw inspiration from the cancelled ‘Halloween Horrorcon’ Transmetal Waspinator, Fox Kids Transmetal (and/or Shattered Glass) Waspinator, and Diaclone Warudaros, along with a fourth that is perhaps based on BotCon 2007 Bug Bite?

You can discuss these figures in the Allspark’s BotCon super thread, and keep an eye on our BotCon 2015 news index post to stay up-to-date on all our coverage!