FansToys shows off FT-08 Grinder concept art

Third party toymaker FansToys have revealed line art for their upcoming figure FT-08 Grinder, their homage to Dinobot leader Grimlock. Grinder is the fifth figure in their popular Iron Dibots series, joining Sever, Scoria, Soar, and the upcoming Stomp to round out the Dibots quintet.
There’s no prototype for Grinder to show as yet, but the line art promises a highly-detailed rendering based on Grimlock’s classic design. FansToys’ Iron Dibots are roughly in scale with official Masterpiece figures, so given the rave reviews Hasbro and Takara’s MP Grimlock releases have garnered, it’ll be interesting to see how fans react to the upcoming FansToys figure. You can check out the post on the FansToys site HERE but we’ve mirrored it for you below.
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One comment

  • The shoulders are definitely killing me, bleeh. Grinder looks exactly like the official Grimlock, which isn't that good. I hope they make this after the cartoon and not after the official MP toy.