Details for the BotCon 2015 Japan Perspective Panel Revealed, Another Collection Up for Sale

Andrew “Hydra” Hall has stopped by to inform Allspark users just what they can expect for the “Japanese Perspective” panel at next weekend’s BotCon 2015. Andrew will lead the panel as Hayato Sakamoto and Jim Sorenson join him in discussing the state of Transformers, and more precisely Transformers artwork, in the country. There will also be loads of concept art shown from Sakamoto-san’s time working with Takara Tomy and IDW publishing!
That’s not all that Andrew had to say though. In advance of his wedding, he will be parting with a notable portion of his collection. Although no specifics are given, he says that there is a lot of rare and unusual items that will be up for sale at his dealer booth. So if you’re looking for hard-to-find Japanese Transformers, or just something really weird, stop by and give a look! This comes after the Hartmans (brothers Karl and Jon) announced that they will be selling the remainder of their collection at the convention. Sounds as though there will be no shortage of things to buy in the dealer room this year!
You can read the full details for the panel and Andrew’s dealer booth offerings in our BotCon 2015 thread.