Club Roundtable Teaser – Mayhem Returns?

Thanks to Allspark user Walky on Tumblr, we have a look at a teaser image that Fun Publications have displayed for the Club Roundtable panel on Saturday, featuring five sets of eyes and the tagline “Mayhem Returns”.

Mayhem Teaser
It seems likely that this image is teasing the fourth Transformers Figure Subscription Service, and if the tagline is anything to go by, it looks like the set might be themed around Marvel G1’s Mayhem Attack Squad, the Decepticon answer to the Wreckers. Add to that the tease at the Club Magazine panel today that a combiner team might be revealed at the Roundtable, and we could very well be looking at a Mayhem Attack Squad combiner!
Be sure to tune in to the Allspark’s coverage of the Club Roundtable at 3:00PM CDT on Saturday to see how this pans out! In the meantime, you can discuss the teaser in the BotCon super thread, and keep track of all the Allspark’s coverage with the BotCon news index.