BotCon shows off Custom Class Exclusive Galva-Lio Convoy

The official BotCon 2015 Twitter has tweeted out an image of the figure for this year’s Custom Class sessions… Galva-Lio Convoy!
The exclusive figure, available only to BotCon 2015 attendees enrolled in the Custom Class, uses the Generations Orion Pax body with the headsculpt from the Transformers Collector’s Club exclusive Lio Convoy and Nova Prime figures. BotCon’s Galva-Lio Convoy seems to be an homage to Comic Bom Bom’s 1998 Lucky Draw release of the BWII Lio Convoy figure in Galvatron-themed colors.



Chris Patrick (Random Items) is a fan of all things vintage and retro, with a particular fondness for 1980s robots, classic video games, and anything that blends those two things.

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