BotCon 2015 Souvenir Pricing Revealed.

The organizers of BotCon 2015 have just revealed the prices for the souvenir figures that will be for sale at the convention. While doing so, they have also revealed the number of figures that will be available as well.
Souvenir Set 1 (2 pack) – $89
Souvenir Set 2 (2 pack) – $79
Souvenir Set 3 (4 pack) – $169
Kre-O Souvenir Set (6 pack) – $29
(Of course these prices will also be subject to the Chicago area 9.25% sales tax as well.)
The overall price for all the souvenirs remains very similar to what it was last year, but there is the extra additional figure with the 4-pack.
Check out the pricing via BotCon’s Facebook and new Twitter account. Then discuss this news in our BotCon thread.