BotCon 2015 At-Show Exclusives Revealed

Fun Publications have taken to Twitter to officially reveal the at-show souvenir figures for BotCon 2015.

To recap, the figures are:

Attendance freebie: Zaptrap with Beet-Chit & Spy-Eye

Custom class figure: Galva Convoy

Diaclone 2-pack: Burnout and Lift-Ticket

Generation 2 2-pack: General Optimus Prime and Sgt. Hound with Dia & Cline

Waruder 4-pack: four Waruders with pilots

Earth’s Most Wanted Kreon pack: Robot-Master, Autobot Spike, Dr. Arkeville, Nightbird, and Sentinel Prime with Headmaster

Head over to the BotCon super thread to discuss the figures and keep an eye on our BotCon news index to stay up-to-date on all our coverage.



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