BotCon 2015 Artists’ Alley Update

BotCon 2015 has updated their Artists’ Alley guest list! The additions are Josh Perez and Hayato Sakamoto, while David “Walky” Willis has been updated as not being part of the Alley this year.
Josh Perez has worked on a number of IDW and Fun Publications comics as colorist, often working alongside Alex Milne. Hayato Sakamoto drew the lines for last year’s BotCon comic, More than Meets the Eye #39, and has written and drawn numerous short comics for Takara Tomy for the Kre-O and Transformers Legends toy lines.
Head over to the BotCon 2015 Twitter account or the website to see the artists. Then discus this news in our BotCon 2015 thread in our Transformers Discussion forum.