Bigger Images of Kabaya Seacons

As if all the combiner news from BotCon wasn’t enough, Autobase Aichi have posted new pictures of Kabaya’s upcoming Seacons on their blog. These pictures are much larger than what we’ve seen before, and detail all the features of the set. Check them out!

All modes
This image shows the whole set in their various modes, and gives measurements of their size. It’s also clear which pieces of combiner kibble come with each model. Unfortunately, this picture also makes clear that there will be much partsforming with this set. Despite all the strides Kabaya’s made to remove partsforming in these models, it just keeps coming back. However, as they are ever wont to do, they’ve given each Seacon the ability to form an A stance.
Scramble power
Finally, we have an image showing the “scramble power” in action. Each of the smaller Seacons has the ability to form any limb, and each also has the ability to form a gun for King Poseidon to wield. Those who enjoy this unique feature of the old Seacon toys should be pleased to see that ability retained here.
You can preorder this set at TfSource here.