Andrew Wildman Is Creating TRANSFORMATION

Chances are if you’re reading this page, you probably know who Andrew Wildman is. But in case you don’t, here’s a quick recap. With a career spanning decades in comics and television, Andrew is an artist who has worked on everything from Transformers (past and present), Marvel (Venom, Hulk, X-Men) and television shows like Doctor Who. Right now, Andrew wants to take his craft in a different direction and he’s asking for your help to do it with the crowdfunding site

Time for a change…
For a while now I have had a burning desire to do things slightly differently. Many of you will have seen my step from the mainstream and into the production of my own graphic novel. In alignment with that is a new venture. It invloves Transformers and Art and many of the things I love and I NEED YOU INVOLVED.
Take a look at my new Patreon page and see what you think. Any support would be awesome. Thanks, A.

Rather than try to explain what it is and how it will all work ourselves, we’ll turn the floor over to Mr. Wildman care of his promotional video:

For more information and to back Andrew in his endeavors, check out his Patreon page today and put your money in the hat to help back one of this century’s greats.