All BotCon Exclusives Identified

We have received reports of the identities of all of this year’s at-show BotCon exclusives. Some of them have already been seen, but there are a few surprises.

The attendee exclusive is the Diaclone-themed Zaptrap (red Shrapnel) with Beet-Chit (blue Chop Shop) and Spy-Eye (red Reflector). One souvenir set is the similarly Diaclone-themed Burn Out (black Skids) and Lift-Ticket (red Hoist). Another souvenir set is General Optimus Prime and Sgt. Hound, based on unreleased G2 toys. Sgt. Hound’s Targetmasters are Dia and Cline, the pilots for Burn Out and Lift-Ticket respectively. The troop builder set is the previously seen four pack of Generations Waspinator in various color schemes, characterised as a team of Waruder robots.
We do not yet have images of the newly revealed exclusives. We will post updates as we receive them. Stay tuned.
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