Unite Warriors Defensor Teaser – Deluxe Groove!?!!

TakaraTomy continues to drop bombs and give reach arounds to fans with their Unite Warriors line.  First they showed us that their version of Superion was going to come with Slingshot over Alpha Bravo, then they showed us their Menasor with Wildrider over Offroad – now comes the mother of all bombs – Unite Warriors Defensor will come with a Deluxe sized Groove!!!!!  TakaraTomy designer Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out a teaser silhouette of Unite Warriors Defensor which will clearly have a Deluxe sized Groove to replace the new APC member Rook and the Scout sized Groove.  Fans began speculating that this may be the case when Hasbro’s Legend sized Groove was solicited as Override in the Adventure line.

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