Unite Warriors 1984 Autobots Coming?!

Hisashi Yuki, fabled TakaraTomy designer, has been on a roll tonight.  First tweeting several images of the packaging for Unite Warriors Superion, now teasing a silhouette of what looks to be a TakaraTomy release of Combiner Wars Optimus Prime / Optimus Maximus, Ironhide, Prowl, Mirage, and Sunstreaker.  Fans speculated on whether TakaraTomy would release this group or not (being popular characters was in their favor but not being an original combiner was speculated to hurt their chance).  No word on if this is indeed them or not, and the team has yet to be announced officially by Hasbro for Combiner Wars.

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One comment

  • Any news on the lineup? I'd be interested to see if they're using the exact same Autobot as Hasbro, now we have seen them. Loving the UW and CW stuff.