Transformers Subscription Service 3.0 and Club Freebie Figure Shipping Soon!

The folks at Fun Publications have dropped the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club members  a line to let them know that the TFSS 3.0 figures (G2 Starscream, Nacelle, Serpentor, Tarantulas, Car Zap, and Krok) as well as the Club Freebie Figure (Lio Convoy) are set to be shipping soon!  Check out the announcement below:

Hello Club Members,
If you are participating in the FSS 3.0 service, please verify your address at the FSS site by logging in making sure your address is correct by the end of day Thursday, May 7.  We will be working shipping these out to you and the end of next week.
Also, in the next couple of weeks the 2015 Free Club Figures will be going out in the mail and we have now put the companion piece Nova Prime in the store so you can order them:
2015 Transformers Club Exclusive NOVA PRIME TM (1 pc) $59 + shipping
If your address has changed since March 16th, please email your correct address to [email protected] as well.  Please note that the systems are totally separate so if you have moved, you will need to update both the FSS and send an email to admin for your club free figure.
Thanks for your support!

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