Transformers Dioramas Announces the Transformers Fan Magazine

Our friends over at Transformers Dioramas have announced the creation of their Transformers Fan Magazine. With the first issue already available and quarterly releases planned moving forward, the magazine features a look back at recent news, interviews, and everything else you need to enjoy this hobby. The focus is on interests geared toward their Brazilian audience, and the magazine is obviously written in Portuguese, but the visuals are impressive enough for anyone to enjoy. Read on for the full press release.

The Transformers Dioramas team is proud to present the release of the online magazine Transformers Fan Magazine – the first Brazilian publishing dedicated exclusively to Transformers fans and collectors – made by fans to fans.
Released quarterly, the Transformers Fan Magazine will cover the widest range of the Transformers Universe topics in a way that Brazilian fans always wanted to see.
In the Transformers Fan Magazine, besides news about Comics, TV / Cinema and curiosities, you will also find information about different kinds of collectables (toys, statues, etc) and interviews with artists (voice actors, illustrators, actors, etc), national and international, that somehow contributed or contribute for the franchise to be renewed.
The Transformers Fan Magazine is free. To access it, just click ok the banner / link which is available in Transformers Dioramas from May 15th 2015 on.
Transformers Fan Magazine (Link)