Transformers #41 Review!

“You, Me, and the Universe”

Writer: John Barber
Art: Livio Ramondelli
“Combiner Wars” is almost over!
Yeah, that’s the sort of thing that usually sounds sad.
I just can’t figure out what’s going on with this event. Every time I’m enjoying it I suddenly watch it careen into being  anticlimactic and predictable.
So in this installment, Prime and Prowl get to chatting. The solicit bills this as a “vs… one one one”. Barber seems to be going for a “Chaos Theory”-style Optimus and Megatron philosophical throwdown. Is this the place to have it though, right in the middle of the big advertised event that already had an entire issue with no action? I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any downtime, but this is the highly-advertised big event that’s going to be serialized in the toys–if there was ever a place for non-stop adrenaline and excitement, it’s here.
Speaking of the action, that’s billed as “the biggest battle ever between COMBINERS!”, and it really isn’t. It’s not even the biggest battle between Combiners via IDW, and it’s a pretty tame fight too. If there’s one highlight of the “Combiner Wars” event so far, it’s that the fights have been creative. I just don’t see any of that creativity here. Mindless brawling is what Combiners have been doing for 30 years and it feels like regressing to do that after some of the genuinely cool fights of the last few installments.
Oh my god, Scoop is the new Scrapper! Wait, he’s been hanging out with the Decepticons for over a year and we all saw that coming. Starscream even jokes about how the new recruit needs to be green. Twice. Just in case we didn’t get it.
I guess my frustration with “Combiner Wars” is that I want this to be the big impressive turned-to-11-and-trying-for-12 that it was promoted as. I know my expectations are high on this, but it’s not just a multi-part story for the fans. It’s an entry point into the often-great IDW fiction for all those toy buyers out there. Why wouldn’t I have incredibly high expectations?
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