TakaraTomy RID Scourge, Armada Megatron, Adventure Phantomjaw, Cosmos, and Powerglide Revealed!

Along with the pants shattering reveal of TakaraTomy Groove, Dengeki Hobby has also revealed some other exciting news!  Tokyo Toy Show will see two Transformers exclusives.  First up is TakaraTomy’s version of Combiner Wars Armada Megatron.  Their version of Megatron will feature deco changes including blue green antlers over the orange on the Hasbro one.  Also very surprising is a version of Car Robots Black Convoy (RID Scourge) similar to the TCC’s TFSS 1.0 Scourge.  Black Convoy features some deco changes from TFSS Scourge and what looks to be a pink sword (just like the original Black Convoy).  Both Megatron and Black Convoy are Tokyo Toy Show exclusives.
Also revealed are TakaraTomy’s versions of Cosmos (Adams) and Powerglide in the Adventure line.  Powerglide looks to be a lighter gray color, a lighter cockpit and red missiles.  Cosmos looks like he has two individual eyes painted like the G1 cartoon rather than the visor look of the Hasbro and IDW version. Other Adventure releases include Warrior Drift, One-Step Changers Grimlock and Steeljaw, and the Strongarm vs. Phantomjaw two-pack.

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