TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive Unite Warriors Defensor and Deluxe Groove Revealed!!!

Thanks to Twitter user たごーる we know have a look at the latest issue of Figure King, and it’s a doozy!  Revealed in the issue is TakaraTomy Mall’s exclusive Unite Warriors Defensor!  The images are placeholders at this time, as Groove (which is likely a TakaraTomy only development) is still in his gray prototype stage.  Groove is paired with 2 guns, unlike previous Combiner Wars / Unite Warriors figures.  Groove replaces Legend size Groove and Deluxe Rook in TakaraTomy’s Defensor.  He’s shown paired with Hasbro’s version of Defensor (we’re not shown what deco changes may be present on the other Protectobots).  Defensor will be available for reservation on May 25th.

Upon further review, a few things point towards this being a TakaraTomy only figure:

  • His reveal has special attention brought to it, Slingshot and Wildrider (who were also first revealed via magazine scans) didn’t have any special attention drawn to them via the magazine scans.
  • He’s still in the gray prototype stage, which means his development cycle was later than any of the other revealed Combiner Wars / Unite Warriors figures.
  • He has two guns, both of which are based on the G1 figure’s Twin Vaporators.  No other CW Deluxe has 2 guns and most weapons tend to not be at all based on the original figure’s weapons for the CW Deluxes.
  • He has clear plastic.  All of the Combiner Wars Legends, Deluxes, and Voyager sized figures don’t have any clear plastic at all.  Clear plastic adds to the cost and number of molds for the figure, which have been reduced for Combiner Wars.

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