Robots in Disguise Episode 16 – 18 Descriptions & Titles

Allsparker abates is bringing us more news on the Robots in Disguise show! This time it is the episode descriptions (and titles) for episodes 16 – 18 of Robots in Disguise! You can hit the break to see them below! for more about the show be sure to visit our spoiler thread for some juicy spoilers!

So Canal J in France is indeed playing episodes 16, 17 and 18 on June 10th. Titles and descriptions translated by Google:

#16: Sideswipe perd la tête (Sideswipe Loses His Head)
“When the last team training leaves Sideswipe without strength, the young Autobot realizes that he can not always rely on his physical strength.”
#17: L’honneur avant tout (The Honor Above All)
“Drift returns to Earth in pursuit of a fugitive Jetstorm. At the same time Team Bumblebee faces Springload and Quillfire who escaped.”
#18: La blessure de Grimlock (The Injury to Grimlock)
“Unaware that Grimlock hides a serious injury, Bumblebee and the team make their way to the ocean in pursuit of an escaped Decepticon.”

So Drift, Springload, Quillfire, and I’m betting Hammerstrike returning here.
Cartoon Network in Australia/NZ is also screening “Pilot (Part 1)” at 7pm on June 1st, which could suggest they’re going to run through the entire series on weekday nights.