Nova Prime in Stock at Club Store

The Transformers Collectors’ Club exclusive Nova Prime figure is now available for members to purchase in the club store!

The store listing also gives us a look at Nova Prime’s bio:

2015 Transformers Club Exclusive NOVA PRIME TM (1 pc).
AUTOBOT® HIGH COMMANDER“‘Till all are redeemed”
NOVA PRIME walks a fine line between being the leader his heritage demands and battling inner demons that threaten to tear his synaptic conscious to a psychotic breaking point. While his ‘accolades’ will be remembered in the Halls of Iacon for eons, he is looking for redemption for what he sees as a ‘lapse in vision’ for his fellow Cybertronians. Combining his Quantum Fusion cannon and his “G-Metal” Battle Axe, NOVA PRIME is a formidable warrior on the battlefield and a masterful tactician in the war room. NOVA PRIME has been given a second chance and seeks to usher in a new Golden Age of Cybertron®. Will a new lasting peace on Cybertron finally come to fruition or will the whispers of the past come back to haunt NOVA PRIME, taking away any chance at redemption and plunging Cybertron once again into…Chaos?
Nova Prime is a Deluxe sized figure which features an ALL-NEW head sculpt. Look for Nova Prime later this year in the 2015 TCC Magazine Club comic. The toy is packed in a convention style box with a foam insert for easy removal and display. There is also an additional cut out for you to store the Lio ConvoyTM figure.*
*Lio Convoy sold separately

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