New stock photos of Combiner Wars Devastator on

Don’t get your hopes up for a preorder quite yet as the listing currently says “Unavailable” but with any luck he’ll be up for order soon. In the meantime, we do have some new fine looking stock photos of the big guy as well as the smaller guys that combine to form him. We also get a little checklist of info that most of us probably already know but still

Incredible 7-in-1 Devastator set lets you build an 18-inch Devastator figure from the 6 included Voyager Class figures
Includes Construction Scrapper, Construction Hook, Construction Bonecrusher, Construction Long Haul, Construction Mixmaster and Construction Scavenger figures; Figures convert from robot mode to construction vehicle mode and back
Figures combine to form Devastator
Comes with blaster for Devastator figure

You can check out the pics below and click here to see the full listing on
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