New Legends LG-EX Micron Legend Megatron and Car Robots Black Convoy Photos

Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out official photos as well as some photos of his own of the Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive LG-EX Micron Legend (Armada) Megatron and LG-EX Car Robots (RID) Black Convoy (Scourge)!  Black Convoy is very similar to TFSS Scourge, with some differences including a darker painted face and chest, gray hands and biceps (instead of black), a gray sword handle (instead of black), no teal on his forearms, additional silver paint on his shoulders, exposed clear red plastic on his shoulder pylons, a differently painted waist, no faction symbol in vehicle mode, and overall different shades of black, gray, red, and teal.  Micron Legend Megatron is similar to the Combiner Wars Armada Megatron with more purple on his chest (replacing black, silver, and orange), a more detailed and differently colored face and helmet deco, a more red orange replaces the bright orange, blue plastic replacing some of the orange plastic (for the missile and his color area),  and blue antlers instead of orange.
Yuki has also photographed Micron Legend Megatron with G1 Megatron and Black Convoy with his fellow Car Robots homaged figures Gelshark (Sky-Byte) and Greejeeper (Rollbar).

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