In-Hand Images of Kreon Warriors Wave 2 Blindpack Mini-Figures

@tf-tf on Twitter is giving us a look at the wave 2 “Cosplay” Kreon Warriors blindpacks that he recently acquired. Similar to wave 1 which featured Optimus Bumblebee, Starscream, Ratchet, and Shockwave from random periods in Earth’s history, Wave 2 brings us Pirate Optimus Prime, Gladiator Optimus Prime, Knight Bumblebee, Army Bumblebee, Samurai Hound, Wild West/Cowboy Hound, Samurai Megatron, Wild West/Cowboy Megatron, Wiseguy/Mafioso Soundwave, Knight Soundwave, Ninja Starscream, and Wiseguy/Mafioso Starscream. With such a weird selection of characters and themes, how could you not want them all?
Unfortunately though, one would guess that like the wave 1 figures, these will not be making it to US stores and will stay an international/foreign release.
Read on to see the tweets and images.