FP CORE Premium Membership Update

The folks behind the FP CORE premium membership service has sent out an update for the club. The news includes word on the next premium freebie, the status of site upgrades, and a reminder to update your shipping address before your next figure hits the mail. Read on for all the details and a pic of your next freebie.
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FPCore Premium Member Exclusive Ships Next Friday!
Great news for all of our Premium Members… Shipping of the Member Exclusive starts next Friday – May 15, 2015.
We sincerely apologize for the delay. The original member exclusive that was intended to ship was delayed in March. Meanwhile, a shipping error with our Asia counterpart lead to the premature release of the 2nd member exclusive – Osmi.
This created some logistical issues on our end, but we are happy to announce that FPCore Premium Members will receive Osmi as the 1st member exclusive and we will save what we intended for the next release.
Again, thanks for all of your patience and support.
In other news, we have also done some updates to site features such as speed increases that will prepare us for the next round of exclusive purchases. The crystals system is almost done, and we will be rolling that out soon.
Another much needed update of the user default billing and shipping addresses has also been implemented. This new feature will allow for saving of addresses for faster checkout and updating of membership mailing defaults.