Expand your Rescue Bots collection with… Jurassic World?

As the onslaught of Jurassic World merchandising begins to hit the shelves, something that may have gone overlooked is the Playskool Heroes subline. It seems that many of the adorably chunky and delightfully-colored dinosaurs (at least one of which bears work from Catrina Cerise-Arana of Boss Fight Studio) are being wrangled by former members of the Rescue Bots team!

Well okay, so it’s just some reused molds from the early days of Rescue Bots. However, the humans don’t appear to be named, and for the crossover-minded there’s no particular reason that they can’t be the Rescue Bots characters Sawyer Storm, Walker Cleveland, Jack Tracker, and Chief Charlie Burns (1.0) taking on a new mission.
Who is packaged with the Tyrannosaurus Rex? That appears to be the only new mold, although it’s just as likely to be from a different Playskool Heroes brand that this reporter is unfamiliar with. Again for the crossover-minded, doesn’t he bear some resemblance to Col. Quarry?
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