Combiners Wars Ultra Magnus Cockpit Concept Art

Andrew Griffith, of IDW fame, has taken to Tumblr share his design work on the upcoming Leader Class Ultra Magnus for Combiner Wars. Andrew makes it clear that Hasbro had already established much of the design concept prior to approaching him to flush out the interior, but it sounds like he had a blast with the process. Read on for the details and pics.

From Andrew Griffith’s Tumblr:
“So a while back I got to work a bit on an upcoming Leader class toy version of Ultra Magnus from IDW’s More Than Meets The Eye.…images-182107/ Since the toy has been revealed, I got permission from Hasbro to show off some of my art for it.
Just to be clear, the overall design of the toy was already done, based heavily on Nick Roche’s design for the book. What I was asked to do was to sketch up what the interior cockpit could look like within the confines of the space they had available for it. I worked with Hasbro to develop it, and they sent my art along to Takara-Tomy to use for the sculpt for the final product.
The cockpit for Minimus Ambus inside Ultra Magnus functions a bit different than James Roberts and Alex Milne worked out for MTMTE, but personally I think it’s pretty cool that Hasbro took inspiration from the comics and even went to the trouble of using the concept of Minimus “driving” Ambus at all to be pretty darn cool.
I was thrilled to work on this particular project.”
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