Combiner Hunters Chromia

Following in the footsteps of yesterday’s article for Combiner Hunters Arcee, we know have images of Combiner Hunters Chromia.  Chromia features an all new paint job swapping her two tone blue deco for white and blue with flames.  Not to be outdone by Arcee, Chromia features an all new warpaint deco on her face.  Popular belief is that Chromia will be sold in a 3 pack with the previously revealed Arcee as well as a redeco of Windblade as an exclusive to either SDCC or some other retailer.  Also be sure to check out the additional photos of Arcee.

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Chromia and Arcee repaints, c/o our frind Oscar Fung
Posted by Daim Choc on Wednesday, May 27, 2015